Dalai Lada - The meaning of life.
 Masaru Emoto.
Scientist showing how thoughts change water.
Dalai Lama - Resilience, Compassion and Science for Healing Today.
Dalai Lama - Creating a Happier World.
Redes: The Science of Compassion.
Matthieu Ricard, happiness is not an endless succession of
pleasures that end in exhaustion, but a way of being.
 Redes - Change the brain to change the world.
With Richard Davidson, neuropsychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and psychologist Daniel Goleman,
we will discover how to consume in the future to be some
best guests on this planet.
Redes: Meditation and Learning.
Neuroscience has shown that the brain is malleable.
Through learning, we can transform it to, for example, be able to ride a bike or speak more than one language.
 Redes - Educate to make Citizens.
Where should our educational system evolve to form citizens capable of facing the challenges of this century? Both science and the Buddhist contemplative tradition have a lot to say in this regard. Why not unite them so that they enrich each other and provide solutions?
Dalai Lama - Our only home.
QUANTUM PHYSICS: What do you know?
Dalai Lama - Entrance to the Middle Way of Chandrakirti
The Art Of Meditation-Matthieu Ricard.