Redes: The Science of Compassion
  Matthieu Ricard, happiness is not an endless succession of
pleasures that end by exhaustion, but a way of being.
 Redes - Change the brain to change the world.
 With Richard Davidson, neuropsychologist at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison, and psychologist Daniel Goleman, We will discover how to consume in the future to be better guests of this planet.
Redes: Meditation and Learning.
 Neuroscience has shown that the brain is malleable.
Through learning, we can transform it to, for example, be able to ride a bicycle or speak more than one language.
 Redes: Educate to manufacture citizens.
Where is our educational system to evolve to
  train citizens capable of facing the challenges of this century? Both science and the contemplative Buddhist tradition have much to say about it. Why not join them so that they enrich each other and provide solutions?
QUANTIC PHYSICS: And what do you know?
 Masaru Emoto.
Scientist who shows how thoughts modify water.
Dalai Lama. How to meditate
The Art of Meditation-Matthieu Ricard