What is JIN-PA?

JIN-PA is a tibetan word which means "generosity". Generosity in Tibetan culture has a very deep meaning. It embraces and implies to be aware of the fact that all is a part of the "One", and One af the "all", then consecuently, we should act in coherence with this principle of INTERDEPENDENCE, respecting, helping and loving others, because what happen to others affect us, and vice versa. Be generous with others and life will be generous with yourself.
JIN-PA is a non profit, non denominated and apolitical association. It was constituted in Barcelona, the 27th of November 2007, officialy aplied in the National Register of Associations: Group 1 / Section 1 / with number: 591341, accredited with the NIF: G64724081. It is also aplied to the Catalan Agency of Cooperation for Developement with the number: 315. Accredited with the Ethical Code of Practice.

Who we are and our mission?

We are a group of people aware of the extreme suffering that the Tibetan population is bearing for more than half of a century. We decided to found JIN-PA Association with the purpose to help this non violent people, the Tibet, transmisor of a millenial culture based in values like peace, love, compassion to all beings. Values that our society today needs so much.

We count with a directive team and with a good number of associated people, friends and volunteers, all serving for this beautiful project to become a reality. Our purpose is to do the best we can to help come out of a severe poverty and marginalization in which the tibetan refugees felt, acommodated in refugee camps in South India. This is our mission.

How do we help?

Giving them the neccesary resources (like Healthcare, Water treatment plants, irrigation systems, greenhouses, Worker Cooperatives, Training, Access to New Technologies, etc..). Our aim is to help so that they can have some light for their future, to help them come out of the situation in which they are.

How do we work with the refugees?

First, in the camps there is an organization estabilished by the Tibetan Goverment in Exile (Dharamsala, North India). All of the camps are counting with two camp leaders. In other hand, due to their idiosincrasia, the Gueshes and Lamas are authorities of great respect and trust for this society. In JIN-PA we have the great blessing to count with the constant and valuable support of our Honorific President, Ven Gueshe Lobsang Jamphel. He takes care in the Sera Jhe monastery of one of the SERA JHE TSE THANG KHANG TSENG 28
where monks of all ages live and study. This monastery is the neuralgic reference centre for the camps of the area where we are working (Bylakuppe, South India). Ven Gueshe Lobsang Jamphel, as an authority, is our seal of approval to ensure that all the JIN-PA projects in the area are brought to term with efficiency.
Most of our projects are born due to the needs exposed to us by the camp leaders. Here we look for the resources, suggest a plan and design a project and they themselves work on it and bring it to terme. And this is very important, because it allow us to optimize the resources. This way, we normally don't make a displacement to work in the camps, but they themselves work there.

Photo Album of we are and some of our activities.